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Easy to use! Easy to Learn! Daycare Management Software that Works! 'bob' the Child Care Manager automates your Billing and Subsidy calculations, automates your Classroom Scheduling, and gives you instant access to any child's records with a single click of the mouse. Free Demonstration Download will let you see 'bob' first hand. How it feels, how it works, and how it will benefit you.

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Although 'bob' the Child Care Manager is international and meets most, if not all, requirements of our clients we are a Canadian Daycare Software developer focused on the Canadian Child Care Software industry. We have found that many of the client requirements of Canadian Daycare Software businesses generally meet those of other countries. When we don't measure up, we fix it.

Whatever you call our software, 'bob' is the most automated child administration software available.

Automation features including:
  • Automated Attendance
  • Automated Billing (Invoicing)
  • Automated Subsidy calculations
  • Automated Financial Statement
To ensure you have full control, we allow you to override and adjust all aspects of your data, even when it has been automated.

Other features include:
  • Key-It-Once philosophy.
  • Wizards for data entry.
  • Waiting List for both Family and Child.
  • Unlimited Families, Parents, and Children.
  • Full features child records for Program Enrolled, Allergies, Immunizations, Medical, and Special Needs.
  • Billing and Receivables modules provide accounting controls.
  • .... and many more features.

Try before you buy!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2021